Тысяча долларов на английском сокращенно

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Hallo everybody!
I have a question: in Russia if we want to use a shortened form of a «thousand» we write «thsd». Is it understandable for native speakers? Or shall I better use «thou» or even «K»?

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    «thou» sounds REALLLLLY informal. I feel like I’ve only heard it used in rap songs.

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    I guess almost everyone would understand ‘thsd’ in context but it’s not a standard abbreviation. ‘Thou’ is a bit more commonly used though ‘k’ (or ‘g’ or ‘grand’ in colloquial spoken English) might be more recognisable.

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    So, for example, if write something like: «assets in the amount of RUR 1 234 567 K» it would be the same as «assets in the amount of RUR 1 234 567 thousand». Would it be OK for a formal letter?

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    So, for example, if write something like: «assets in the amount of RUR 1 234 567 K» it woild be the same as «assets in the amount of RUR 1 234 567 thousand». Would it be OK for a formal letter?

    It is not formal. I don’t think we have a formal way to abbreviate a thousand. We would just write out the number.

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    Well, this is not a good example as you are talking about figures in the billions. If it’s not a round figure you should just use the full number. To be honest, the biggest ‘thousand’ you can have is 999 so you might be just as well writing 999,000 as 999k.

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    Well, it is just a translation from Russian and I can’t change thousand to billion.

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    And what should I better use talking about thousand of tons or hectares, for ex.: 123 thousand tons of coil= 123 K tons of coil? 123 K ha?

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    I would say 123,000 tons of coil.
    For your large number from before, I would write RUR 1,234,567,000

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    In an engineering context, a thou is a thousandth of an inch.


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    And what should I better use talking about thousand of tons or hectares, for ex.: 123 thousand tons of coil= 123 K tons of coil? 123 K ha?

    In the metric system, a kiloton is a unit so you can say 123 kilotons or 123 kt.
    123,000 hectares is 12,300,000 ares (a hectare is 100 (hect- means 100) ares) so if the metric system was as scientifically ordered as advertised this should be 12.3 megaares(?) or 12.3 ma. However, the next unit above hectare is square kilometer (100 ha), so 123,000 ha is 1,230 km2 or 1,230 sq km.
    I think it would be odd to mix in a k in 123,000 ha — 123 k ha = 123 thousand hundred ares. ;)

    How do you abbreviate thousand? The word thousand has a few common abbreviations.

    The most common abbreviations for thousand are,

    • thous.
    • k
    • M

    When to Use This Abbreviation

    This abbreviation is only to be used in certain, non-academic writing. For the most part, the abbreviation “M” is used as in settings that deal with money and financing, such as bank and corporate accounting records. “K” is a more casual abbreviation.

    Using “M” as an abbreviation for thousand dates back to the Roman numeral system, where “M” was the symbol for thousand. It is still used in instances like CPM, or cost per thousand impressions.

    What Does Thousand Mean?

    thou abbreviation kDefinition of Thousand: The cardinal number thousand can be an adjective or a noun and refers to the number ten one hundreds.

    It is also commonly used as a hyperbole for a big amount of something.

    • In New York, almost all apartments rent for over a thousand dollars a month. (Literal)
    • There are a thousand ants on the back porch where Larissa left a popsicle and it melted. (Hyperbole)

    Outside Examples of Thousand

    • abbreviation of thousand abbreviationTens of thousands of Africans have taken the dangerous route to find a better life in Europe, while others are escaping wars in the Middle East, especially Syria and Afghanistan. –USA Today
    • As a substitute teacher, passed them out by the thousands. Of all the work sheets I passed out, the ones in high school were the worst. –The New York Times

    There are few different ways to abbreviate the word. The most common of which are,

    • thou.
    • k
    • M

    What is the correct abbreviation for thousands, millions, billions and trillions in a financial context?

    From what I have read online «In metric, you’d use M (mega) for million, G (giga) for billion and T (tera) for trillion.»

    I have seen and used M for million but that can represent thousands to some and mm is actually million..

    I also use ‘k’ for thousands; but i picked that up from playing runescape in 5th grade.

    Thousand, Million, Billion, Trillion What’s The Shorthand Or Abbreviation?

    Around WSO there seems to be a general consensus for what is considered the «correct» abbreviations:

    • K for Thousands
    • MM or M for Millions
    • B, Bn, Bil for Billions
    • T or Tn for Trillion

    Thousands is an interesting case because the Roman numeral system used M as their abbreviation. However, K originates from the Greek Kilo and is more commonly used today to minimize confusion. For million. billion, and trillion, their abbreviations are interchangeable so long as your are consistent in your usage. Add a comment if you think there is another way to shorthand or if we missed something!

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      Англо-русский словарь акронимов и аббревиатур, используемых в банковской и финансовой деятельности > THOU. — THOUSAND

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      1. num. card.


      1) тысяча; one in a thousand один на тысячу, исключительный

      2) множество, масса; many thousands of times (или a thousand times) множество раз; а thousand times easier в тысячу раз легче; the thousand and one small worries of life масса мелких забот;


      суета сует; he made a thousand and one excuses он тысячу раз извинялся; а thousand thanks


      большое спасибо

      * * *

      * * *

      * * *

      [thou·sand || ‘θaʊznd]

      * * *

      * * *

      1. числ. колич.
      2. сущ.
      1) тысяча
      2) масса
      3) а) тысяча каких-л. единиц (веса, длины и т.д.)
      б) тысяча долларов; тысяча фунтов стерлингов
      в) тысяча лет

      Новый англо-русский словарь > thousand

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      1. [ðaʋ]

      pron уст., поэт.


      hearest thou? — слышишь ли ты?

      обращаться на «ты»


      сокр. от thousand

      НБАРС > thou

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      Большой англо-русский и русско-английский словарь > thou

    • 5


      1) Общая лексика: мил, обращаться на «ты», одна тысяча, тысяча лет, тысяча фунтов стерлингов, тысячелетие, тысячный

      2) Устаревшее слово: ты

      5) Глоссарий компании Сахалин Энерджи: тысячи

      Универсальный англо-русский словарь > thou

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      American slang. English-Russian dictionary > THOU

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      syn: one big one, thou

      Вашингтон, штука зеленью

      English-Russian dictionary of the underworld > grand

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    • thousand — thou|sand [ˈθauzənd] number plural thousand or thousands [: Old English; Origin: thusend] 1.) the number 1000 ▪ a journey of almost a thousand miles two/three/four etc thousand ▪ five thousand dollars ▪ The company employs 30 thousand people …   Dictionary of contemporary English

    • thou — thou1 [thou] pron. pl. you or ye [ME < OE thu, akin to Ger du < IE * tu > L & Sans tu] Archaic personal pronoun in the second person singular: once used in familiar address, but now replaced by you except in poetic or religious use and… …   English World dictionary

    • Thousand — Thou sand, n. [OE. [thorn]ousend, [thorn]usend, AS. [thorn][=u]send; akin to OS. th[=u]sundig, th[=u]sind, OFries. thusend, D. duizend, G. tausend, OHG. t[=u]sunt, d[=u]sunt, Icel. [thorn][=u]sund, [thorn][=u]shund, Sw. tusen, Dan. tusind, Goth.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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    Common abbreviation for Thousand: You can abbreviate the word thousand in a few ways but only three of them are known as the most common abbreviations for thousand.

    The most common abbreviations for Thousand = Thou., k, & M

    Now, I will tell you the definition of thousand and use this word within sentences. Also, I will discuss some suitable areas to use an abbreviation for thousand.

    Thousand is used as a noun or an adjective within a sentence. This particular word is used to refer the number 1,000. Thousand is also used to refer a very big amount of something i.e. as a hyperbole.

    For example,

    1. I will pay over a thousand dollars for this beautiful painting.

    2. One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls. (Khaled (Huseini)

    Suitable Areas to Use Thou., k, or M for Thousand

    You cannot use an abbreviation for thousand in academic writings such as in general essay or prose writings. Outside of these academic areas, thousand can be abbreviated in the field of banking or accounting in which money dealing takes place.

    The abbreviation ‘k’ for thousand is usually used informally, like 10k likes on fb. You can also use an abbreviation for thousand in the areas where space is an issue or while taking shorthand notes.


    Hence, thou., k, & M are the three ways to abbreviate the word thousand.

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