Стихи про россию на английском языке

I greatly love my Motherland,

It’s  forests, people, lakes,

It’s cities, kind  and  friendly people,

It’s rivers, children, plains.

Let Russia be  more richer,

Much stronger, powerful more

 We have  the blue sky, lovely people,

We’re happy all and there is no war!

Let people love each other,

Respect and understand,

Will kindness win the anger,

Let all be faithful friends!

Kargapolova T.M, school №80.

My country – is my Russia,

With  all  the  fields  and  seas,

Great cities and the villages,

With people, Russian reeds.

With valleys, green and wide,

Museums, theatres and arts,

With all celebrities it has,

With sportsmen taking part:

In famous competitions,

We have the highest prize,

As they have got a lot of medals,

And  never, never hide.

I’ll never leave my country,

Here I was born,

I have my friends and close people,

I won’t be a “gone!”

Представляю вашему вниманию стихотворение «Родное» на английском языке. Его автор, Владимир Орлов – поэт и драматург из Симферополя. Впервые данное стихотворение было опубликовано в 1999 году в учебнике по русскому языку для детей 1-го класса. А популярность обрело после того как прозвучало в фильме Алексея Балабанова «Брат 2».

The Native

I discovered that I’ve got

Relatives and they’re my lot

They are woods that are so dear

Friends of corn and every ear

Streams of water, skies of blue

I will tell them: “I love you”.

It’s the Homeland of mine

I will love it all the time.


Я узнал, что у меня

Есть огромная семья –

И тропинка, и лесок,

В поле каждый колосок!

Речка, небо голубое –

Это все мое, родное!

Это Родина моя!

Всех люблю на свете я!

Here we offer a hand-picked selection of patriotic poems for students. Patriotism is a vital value that reflects one’s love and devotion to their country. Our collection showcases poems that evoke a sense of pride and admiration for one’s nation, inspiring students to cultivate a deep and sincere affection for their homeland. These poems capture the essence of patriotism in all its forms, from the sacrifices made by the nation’s heroes to the beauty of its natural landscapes. They instill a sense of responsibility and duty towards one’s country and help students realize the importance of contributing to its growth and development. Our website offers an opportunity for students to discover the beauty and significance of patriotism through the lens of poetry.

Poems on Patriotism

Love My Country

I love my country, it’s where I belong,
Where I feel safe and always strong.
With my heart filled with love and pride,
My country’s flag waving high and wide.

From the mountains to the seas,
My country is the place to be.
Where every color, every race,
Has a home, a warm embrace.

I sing the anthem with all my might,
And pledge allegiance with all my sight.
I promise to always do my part,
To keep my country in my heart.

I love my country, it’s my home,
Where I’m free to dream and roam.
With every step and every breath,
I’ll cherish it until my death.

Heart of a Patriot

In school, they taught us to be proud
Of the flag that waves, and the anthem loud
To stand up straight and salute with pride
And pledge allegiance to our country’s side.

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Наступила зима и пора учить стихи про зиму на английском.

Что делать, если любишь русские стихи великих русских

United forever in friendship and labour,Our mighty

Russia, our sacred StateRussia, our beloved countryMighty

Welcome to our page of English poems for children to learn!

A Happy Child by Anonymous — Poem for children

Скоро Рождество, выучите с детьми маленькие стихи про

Наши уроки английского языка мы всегда начинаем с фонетической

Учить короткие легкие стихи на английском с детьми —

Скоро Новый год и если ваш ребенок учит английский

Nikolay Rubtsov
Hey, Russia

Hey you there, Russia — my beloved land!
I feel so good within your deep green forests!
No singing heard, but I do sense it now,
I sense the song of some unseen strange chorus…

It was as if the wind drove me ahead,
Through all my land — it’s villages and cities!
Yes, I was strong, but stronger was the wind,
I had no chance to stop and fix my breathing.

Hey you there, Russia — my beloved land!
My bond to you, your hay, your stalks of harvest,
My simple house amidst the endless fields,
Will hold right through, in spite the worst of hardships.

For all world’s riches I won’t give away
That lowly shack with nettle by the entrance,
Where in the evenings weary sun would move
Like some old friend into my humble chambers.

Where all the vastness, earthly and divine,
Would fill my window perfect peace and quiet,
Both bringing breeze of ancient days bygone,
And celebrating every day’s own riot. 

Translated by I. Milner

Николай Рубцов
Привет, Россия — родина моя!..

Привет, Россия — родина моя!
Как под твоей мне радостно листвою!
И пенья нет, но ясно слышу я
Незримых певчих пенье хоровое…

Как будто ветер гнал меня по ней,
По всей земле — по селам и столицам!
Я сильный был, но ветер был сильней,
И я нигде не мог остановиться.

Привет, Россия — родина моя!
Сильнее бурь, сильнее всякой воли
Любовь к твоим овинам у жнивья,
Любовь к тебе, изба в лазурном поле.

За все хоромы я не отдаю
Свой низкий дом с крапивой под оконцем.
Как миротворно в горницу мою
По вечерам закатывалось солнце!

Как весь простор, небесный и земной,
Дышал в оконце счастьем и покоем,
И достославной веял стариной,
И ликовал под ливнями и зноем!..

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