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This French name generator provides unique options for naming characters from France or with a related heritage. It works great for fiction writing, script writing, and role-playing.

Select a gender and then hit the generate button. Tap the stars to save your favorite options.

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Female French Names

Here are fifty French names for females to start you off.

  • Ayline Lefevre
  • Amira Bonneau
  • Hanna Leblanc
  • Rose Bodin
  • Léane Lombard
  • Noa Cohen
  • Amélia Gilles
  • Jasmine Maillard
  • Mariam Clerc
  • Ines Picard
  • Manon Clement
  • Léane Hardy
  • Lyanna Gillet
  • Alyssa Pierre
  • Margot Adam
  • Jeanne Vasseur
  • Sophia Pons
  • Gabrielle Gros
  • Lia Cousin
  • Amalia Thierry
  • Célestine Lacoste
  • Hanna Chevalier
  • Kamila Blanchet
  • Amira Nicolas
  • Lucy Michel
  • Anaëlle Blanchet
  • Elyana Robin
  • Esma Marchand
  • Amira Martel
  • Adèle Martin
  • Assia Langlois
  • Amina Leblanc
  • Tessa Garcia
  • Clémentine Chauvet
  • Alba Boucher
  • Eléonore Picard
  • Candice Roy
  • Louise Chauvin
  • Justine Le Goff
  • Eléa Hernandez
  • Asma Brun
  • Chiara Paul
  • Rose Lebreton
  • Liv Rossi
  • Leyna Masson
  • Maxine Perrier
  • Julie Leroux
  • Hana Bouvier
  • Romy Lombard
  • Madeleine Nicolas

Eiffel Tower France

Male French Names

These fifty male French names are a great place to start in finding your character’s name.

  • Isaac Henry
  • Arsène Lamy
  • Ernest Brunet
  • Hector Bertin
  • Romain Petit
  • Charles Louis
  • Marcel Laporte
  • Mathias Allard
  • Aloïs Charles
  • Léopold Dumont
  • Léo Dubois
  • Emile Perrier
  • Nathan Pasquier
  • Adrien Francois
  • Victor Didier
  • Alexandre Voisin
  • Élio Perrier
  • Adem Francois
  • Bilal Guillet
  • Éden Tessier
  • Samy Millet
  • Thomas Remy
  • Basile Poulain
  • Jean Olivier
  • Augustin Faure
  • Sasha Payet
  • Anis Pascal
  • Hayden Leblanc
  • Eden Lemoine
  • Martin Riviere
  • Sacha Nicolas
  • Ezra Bourgeois
  • Victor Hubert
  • Kayden Mercier
  • Aaron Godard
  • Baptiste Valentin
  • Matteo Carlier
  • Eliott Martin
  • Jayden Courtois
  • Joseph Vaillant
  • Lou Gomez
  • Elliot Morel
  • Ezra Camus
  • Léon Deschamps
  • Henri Mathieu
  • Simon Maury
  • Lisandro Duval
  • Amaury Lemaire
  • Emir Laurent
  • Ernest Denis

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Elegance & Charm: The Ultimate French Name Generator! 🇫🇷

Bonjour! Have you ever imagined yourself walking the streets of Paris, savoring a croissant by the Seine, and wondered what your name would be in this charming scenario? Whether you’re an author seeking character names for your novel or just curious about French names, the French Name Generator is your perfect companion.

Dive into the World of French Names:

  1. Access the Elegance: Begin your journey at the French Name Generator.
  2. Unleash the Magic: Upon selecting a number of names, With a simple click on “Generate”, the France Name Generator will offer you a name filled with the romance and sophistication of French culture.
  3. More than First Names: Explore surnames with our French Surname Generator and French Last Name Generator functionalities. Create a complete persona with a first name and a family name that resonates with the rich history of France.

Why Choose the French Name Generator?

  • Diverse Range: From traditional to contemporary, the Random French Name Generator offers a plethora of choices that reflect the essence of France.
  • For All Needs: Whether you’re naming a character, seeking a pseudonym, or just playing around, the generator is versatile and fun.
  • Dive Deeper: Understand the meanings, origins, and pronunciations behind the names, giving depth to your choices.
  • Complete Persona: Combine first names with last names using the French Last Name Generator feature for a full French identity.


  1. Is it accurate?

    Yes! The names generated are based on popular and traditional French names, ensuring authenticity.

  2. Can I use these names for professional purposes?

    Absolutely! Whether you’re an author, game developer, or filmmaker, these names can add a touch of French elegance to your creations.

  3. Are there regional variations?

    While the primary focus is on common French names, regional variations might occasionally appear, reflecting the rich tapestry of France’s regions.

Experience the allure, sophistication, and charm of French names. With the French Name Generator, each name tells a story, echoing the legacy of the French Riviera, the vineyards of Bordeaux, and the luminous streets of Paris.

So you want to create random names?

It’s tough out there for an author. Naming a character can be one of the momentous acts that you can do as you write your book — yet there are so many names for you to choose that it can be overwhelming. That explains why many famous authors depend on different tactics when it comes to naming: Becky Albertalli, author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, goes back to the family tree to pick names, while Charles Dickens visited graveyards for that elusive flash of illumination.

If you’re struggling to come up with your own random names, that’s what this random name generator is for. We built it to give you the right sort of inspiration as you’re inventing your characters.

Here are some tips for you to consider while using this random name generator.

  • Depending on the background of your character, you may want to explore names from many countries and regions. This random name generator will equip you with random names from Germany, England, France, and more.

  • Each of these categories is divided into male and female names. However, if you prefer not to be confined by such constraints, feel free to select “Random” to generate a random combination of names.

  • Keep in mind that some names contain multiple meanings. This random name generator will provide you with the name’s most popular meaning, but it would be worth your time to check other connotations as you go about the business of picking a name.

So feel free to use this random name generator as a springboard to your names! What if you’d like to learn more about the making of a character name? Great 👍 Head here for a guide on how to come up with character names.


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What is the importance of names in French culture?

Many French people are proud of their unique French names. These names have a long and illustrious history in France and are often associated with prestigious or successful families. There is something special about having a unique name that is not common in the world. In fact, many French people believe that having a French name is one of the key elements to being part of the French culture.

There are many reasons why people choose French names. The first reason is because they want to be different from everyone else.

The Storied History of France

A continental powerhouse, the history of France stands out as one of the most rich and diverse of any European nation. From early settlements and invasions to political revolutions and complex world wars, a voyage through French history reveals moments of great accomplishment as well as tribulations that still shape the nation today.

Records of settlementdate back to around 600 B.C., most likely by the Gauls,who were a Celtic people. During the Middle Ages (1000-1300s), their presence grew as independent kingdoms were formed. With France’s emergence as an independent state in the 9th century, over the next several hundred years the country saw the rise of strong kings and the expansion of their realms. In the 15th century, the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) created serious land changes; many in France’s favor. During this same time, the powers of the French monarchy grew and the Church became intertwined with the state.

Several centuries later, in 1789, France experienced one of the most important moments in its history: the French Revolution. During this tumultuous period, which started with the storming of the Bastille and ended in 1799, the country rid itself of the monarchy and the old aristocratic power. This yielded a new republic in which “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” became the new order. In addition, a new constitution and declaration of rights were put in place.

In the 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power, ultimately becoming Emperor. During this period, the nation engaged in a number of different wars as it attempted to expand its influence abroad. In 1871 a civil war broke out between those in favor of a republic and those in favor of a monarchy, which eventually led to a new form of government, the French Third Republic.

World War I severely affected France’s economy and its population. Fighting on their own soil and in other parts of Europe, friction between the French and Germans was further exacerbated when Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles, leading to the invasion of France in World War II. In 1941, the country fell to German occupation, and it remained occupied until the end of the war in 1945.

The post-war period saw France taking on the role of a major participant in the rebuilding and reconstruction of the European region. As part of this, the countries of Germany, France and several other European countries, joined forces in the cooperation agreement known as the European Union. This provided France with a major platform for international politics and economic policies, something which continues to this day.

In the decades since WWII, France has become a leader in international relations, including through the United Nations, and is widely viewed as one of the most important countries in Europe—maintaining a strong economy, rich culture and longstanding traditions. From its early settlements to its strides in international affairs, France’s complex and captivating journey stands as one of the great stories of modern history.

5 questions to help you come up with French names

  1. Which parts of France are the names from?
  2. Are the names unique or common?
  3. What sounds or syllables are typically used?
  4. Is there any significance to the chosen names?
  5. Are there any particular letter combinations or qualities to look for?

Can I use the random French names that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these names, but it is of course possible that some of the values this name generator provides are already owned by anyone else, so please make sure to always do your due diligence.

How many ideas can I generate with this French Name Generator?

The French Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your French names to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

What are good French names?

There’s thousands of random French names in this generator. Here are some samples to start:

Examples of French names

Idea #1 Deveral Burnette
Idea #2 Chevell Aubert
Idea #3 Jean Baptiste Gerdon
Idea #4 Arber Garrant
Idea #5 Rosselyn Garde
Idea #6 Arlette Payeur
Idea #7 Charlaine Sully
Idea #8 Pensee Sager
Idea #9 Loraina Desaulniers
Idea #10 Adelaide Houde

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