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Pronunciation English: FEE-liks
French: [feliks]
Swedish: [ˈfěːlɪks]
Polish: [ˈfɛliks]
Spanish: [ˈfeliɣs]
Portuguese: [ˈfɛliks] or [ˈfɛliʃ]
Catalan: [ˈfɛliks]
Gender Male
Word/name Latin
Meaning «lucky» or «successful»
Other names
Related names
  • Felicity
  • Felicia

Felix is a given name that stems from Latin felix [ˈfeːliːks] (genitive felicis [feːˈliːkɪs]) and means «happy» or «lucky». Its other form is Felicity.[1]

In German, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Romanian and Scandinavian languages the form «Felix» is the same as English. In French, Hungarian, Slovak, Portuguese and Spanish it is written with an acute accent, «Félix”. The Italian form of the name is «Felice», and its Polish and Serbian form is «Feliks».

View a list of notable people with the name «Felix» below.


  • Antonius Felix, procurator of Judaea
  • A part of many Roman emperors’ titles, starting with Commodus
  • Flavius Felix (died 430), Roman consul
  • Felix (son of Entoria), son of Saturn and Entoria and brother of Janus in Roman mythology
  • Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (138–78 BC), Roman dictator commonly known as Sulla

Late Antiquity and Middle Ages[edit]


«Saint Felix» may refer to:

  • Felix of Heraclea, martyred with Januarius
  • Felix and Constantia (d. 68), martyrs
  • Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus (d. c. 212), martyrs
  • Felix of Nola (d. c. 255)
  • Felix and Regula (d. 286), martyrs
  • Felix of Thibiuca (d. 303), bishop of Thibiuca, and patron of Venosa, martyred with Audactus, Fortunatus, Januarius, and Septimus
  • Felix and Adauctus (d. c. 303), martyrs
  • Felix and Nabor (d. c. 303), martyrs
  • Felix of Girona (d. 304), martyr
  • Felix of Como (d. c. 390)
  • Felix of Nîmes (4th century)
  • Felix (d. c. 310), martyred at Furci with Justin of Siponto
  • Felix of Hadrumetum (d. c. 434) North African Catholic bishop
  • Felix of Cornwall (5th or 6th century)
  • Felix of Nantes (died 584), bishop of Nantes
  • Felix of Burgundy (7th century), who introduced Christianity to the East Anglians
  • Felix (d. 852), one of the Martyrs of Córdoba with Aurelius and Natalia
  • Felix the Hermit (9th century)
  • Felix of Rhuys (d. 1038)
  • Felix of Valois (d. 1212)
  • Felix, martyred with Anesius


  • Pope Felix I (269–274)
  • Antipope Felix II (356–365)
  • Pope Felix III (483–492)
  • Pope Felix IV (526–530)
  • Antipope Felix V, earlier Amadeus VIII of Savoy (1439–1449)

Bishops and priests[edit]

  • Felix (bishop of Urgell) (died 818), Christian bishop and theologian
  • Felix of Byzantium (fl. early 2nd century), bishop of Byzantium
  • Felix of Ravenna, archbishop in 709-724
  • Felix, Frankish clerk of King Æthelwulf, King of Wessex (fl. 9th century)
  • Felix, author of a Life of Saint Guthlac

Early modern period (1500–1799)[edit]

  • Felix of Cantalice (died 1587)
  • Felix of Nicosia (died 1787)

Modern times (1800–present)[edit]


  • Felix (musician), the alias of British DJ and producer Francis Wright
  • Felix da Housecat, American House music DJ and record producer
  • The pseudonym of Nicholas Wanostrocht, 19th-century English cricketer
  • The codename of Cold War spy Dieter Gerhardt
  • The pen name of Tom Horan, Australian Test cricketer and cricket journalist
  • The mononymous stage name of Korean Australian musician Felix Lee

Given name[edit]

  • Felix Adler (screenwriter) (1884–1963), American screenwriter
  • Felix Adler (professor) (1851–1933), German-American lecturer and founder of the Ethical movement
  • Felix Agnus (1839–1925), American military officer and newspaper editor
  • Felix Andries Vening Meinesz (1887–1966), Dutch geophysicist and geodesist
  • Felix Anudike-Uzomah (born 2002), American football player
  • Felix Arndt (1889–1918), American pianist and popular-music composer
  • Félix Auger-Aliassime, Canadian tennis player
  • Félix Bañobre (born 1970), Spanish-English basketball coach and former player
  • Felix Batista, Cuban-American anti-kidnapping expert
  • Felix Baumgartner, Austrian skydiver who set the world record for the highest skydive at 127,000 feet (39 km)
  • Felix Behrend (1911–1962), German and Australian mathematician
  • Felix Bloch (1905–1983), Swiss-American physicist and Nobel laureate
  • Felix Browder (1927–2016), American mathematician
  • Felix Brych, German football referee
  • Felix Bwalya (1970–1997), Zambian boxer
  • Félix Caballero, Dominican priest
  • Felix Calonder (1863–1952), Swiss politician
  • Felix Cavaliere, American musician and singer-songwriter
  • Félix Chopin (1813–1892), French bronze designer
  • Felix Chung (born 1963), Hong Kong politician
  • Felix Dexter (1961–2013), British comedian
  • Felix Dias Bandaranaike (1930-1985), Sri Lankan lawyer and politician
  • Felix Reginald Dias Bandaranaike I (1861-1947), Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) judge and lawyer
  • Felix Reginald Dias Bandaranaike II (1891-1951), Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) judge and lawyer
  • Felix Maria Diogg (1762–1834), Swiss painter
  • Felix Dodds, British author, futurist and artist
  • Felix Dzerzhinsky (1877–1926), Bolshevik revolutionary and official
  • Felix Ehrlich (1877–1942), German chemist and biochemist
  • Félix Faure (1841–1899), President of France from 1895 until 1899
  • Félix Fénéon (1861–1944), French anarchist and art critic
  • Félix Fermín, Dominican former professional baseball shortstop
  • Félix Omar Fernández, Puerto Rican track and field athlete
  • Felix Francis, British crime writer and son of Dick Francis
  • Felix Frankfurter (1882–1965), Austrian-American jurist
  • Felix Gelt, Canadian association football player
  • Felix N. Gerson (1862–1945), American newspaper editor
  • Félix González-Torres (1957–1996), Cuban-American artist
  • Félix Guattari (1930–1992), French psychoanalyst, political philosopher, semiotician, social activist, and screenwriter
  • Felix Hamrin (1875–1937), Swedish politician
  • Felix Hanemann, American singer and musician
  • Felix Hausdorff (1868–1942), German mathematician
  • Félix Hernández, Venezuelan baseball pitcher
  • Félix José Hernández, Venezuelan football midfielder
  • Felix Hoffmann (1868–1946), German chemist and inventor of Aspirin
  • Felix Hoffmann (basketball), German basketball player
  • Félix Houphouët-Boigny (1905–1993), first president of Ivory Coast
  • Felix Jaehn, German DJ and music producer
  • Felix Jones, American football player
  • Felix Jones (rugby union), Irish rugby union player
  • Felix Kaspar (1915–2003), Austrian figure skater
  • Felix Klein (1849–1925), German mathematician
  • Felix Kjellberg, Swedish YouTube personality and video gamer, better known as PewDiePie
  • Felix Kroos, German football player
  • Felix LaBauve (1809–1879), French-born American early settler and community leader in Mississippi
  • Felix Landau (1910–1983), Austrian SS Hauptscharführer, member of an Einsatzkommando during World War II
  • Felix Latzke, Austrian football former player and manager
  • Félix Leclerc (1914–1988), Québécois singer-songwriter, poet, writer, actor and political activist
  • Félix Lengyel, Canadian Twitch streamer
  • Felix A. Levy, American rabbi
  • Felix von Luckner (1881–1966), German nobleman and navy officer
  • Felix Luk (born 1994), Hong Kong professional footballer
  • Felix Magath, German football manager and former player
  • Félix Malloum (1932–2009), Chadian military officer and politician
  • Felix Manalo (1886–1963), Filipino founder and first leader of religious movement Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Félix Mantilla (baseball), Puerto Rican former professional baseball utility player
  • Félix Mantilla Botella, Spanish professional tennis player
  • Félix Mathé (1834–1911), French politician
  • Felix J. McCool (1912–1972), American Marine held as prisoner of war in both World War II and Korean War
  • Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847), German composer
  • Felix Michel Melki (born 1994), Swedish-Lebanese footballer
  • Félix Miélli Venerando (1927–2012), Brazilian football player
  • Felix Morley (1894–1982), American journalist and college administrator
  • Felix Neureuther, German alpine skier
  • Felix A. Obuah, Nigerian business magnate, politician and philanthropist
  • Félix W. Ortiz, American politician
  • Félix Oukiné (born 1999), Cameroonian footballer
  • Felix Övermann (born 1985), German rower
  • Felix Pappalardi (1939–1983), American musician and producer
  • Felix Perera, Sri Lankan politician
  • Felix Pipes (1887–1983), Austrian tennis player
  • Félix Podmaniczky (1914–1990), Hungarian film director
  • Félix Porteiro, Spanish racecar driver
  • Félix Potvin, Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • Felix Reda, German researcher and politician
  • Felix Riebl, Australian singer-songwriter
  • Félix Rodríguez (baseball), Dominican former Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Félix Rodríguez (soldier), Cuban-American soldier and CIA intelligence operative
  • Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, (1928–1980) Spanish naturalist and broadcaster
  • Felix Rosenqvist, Swedish professional racing driver
  • Felix Salmon, British financial journalist
  • Felix Sater (born 1966), Russian-American mobster
  • Felix Schütz, German ice hockey player
  • Felix Siauw (born 1984), Chinese-Indonesian Islamic ustad, preacher, author and da’i
  • Felix Silla, Italian actor
  • Felix Standaert, Belgian diplomat
  • Felix Steiner, German Waffen-SS commander, most notable for the participation in the Battle of Berlin
  • Félix Stevens, Cuban sprinter
  • Félix Torres (baseball), Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Félix Trinidad, Puerto Rican boxer
  • Felix Unger, Austrian heart surgeon
  • Félix Varela (1788–1853), Cuban Catholic priest and independence leader
  • Felix Wankel (1902–1988), German mechanical engineer and inventor of the Wankel engine
  • Felix Weingartner (1863–1942), Austrian conductor, composer and pianist
  • Felix D. Williamson (1921–1947), American pilot and United States Army Air Forces major
  • Felix Yusupov (1887–1967), Russian aristocrat, famous for participating in the assassination of Grigory Rasputin
  • Archduke Felix of Austria, Archduke of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia
  • Count Felix of Monpezat, member of the Danish royal family
  • José Félix Uriburu, Argentinian Lieutenant
  • Felix Zenger (born 1986), Finnish beatboxer
  • León Félix Batista, Dominican poet
  • Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma (1893–1970), son of the deposed Robert I, Duke of Parma
  • Prince Félix of Luxembourg, son of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Prince of Nassau
  • Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg (1800–1852), Austrian statesman and part of Europe’s highest nobility


  • Allyson Felix (born 1985), American track and field athlete
  • António Félix da Costa (born 1991), Portuguese racing driver
  • Bertha Felix Campigli (1882–1949), American/Coast Miwok photographer
  • João Félix (born 1999), Portuguese footballer
  • Julie Felix, (1938–2020) American folk singer
  • Julien Félix (fl. 1911), French aviator
  • Margaret Elisabeth Felix (born 1937), Indian educator
  • Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (born 1946), Mexican drug lord who formed the Guadalajara Cartel

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Felix the Cat, a cartoon character
  • Felix, in the 2009 American comedy film The Hangover
  • Felix, in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours
  • Felix Faust, a DC Comics villain sorcerer
  • Felix, from the video game series SSX
  • Felix, a member of the Volturi Guard in the Twilight series
  • Felix, an Iberian lynx in the animated film Missing Lynx
  • Felix, the protagonist of the novel Armor by John Steakley
  • Felix, the title character from a series of Micro Power video games such as Felix in the Factory
  • Felix, a ‘lost boy’ from the television show Once Upon a Time (TV series)
  • Felix, a holo-programmer in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Felix, also known as Experiment 010, an alien experiment from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch franchise
  • Felix, the main protagonist in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and supporting antagonist in Golden Sun, both of the Golden Sun video game series
  • Felix Argyle, from the anime/light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
  • Felix Bassenak, «Uncle Felix», character played by S. Z. «Cuddles» Sakall in the 1945 film Christmas in Connecticut
  • Felix Boulevardez, in the television series The Proud Family and The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder
  • Felix Dawkins, a primary character portrayed by Jordan Gavaris in the BBC America/Space TV series Orphan Black
  • Felix DeZouza, from the movie Formula 51
  • Felix Ferne, from the Australian television show Nowhere Boys
  • Felix Fischoeder, in the television series Bob’s Burgers
  • Felix Hugo Fraldarius, a playable character in the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Felix Gaeta, in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica TV series
  • Felix Gunn, a minor character in the book series Children of the Red King
  • Felix Harrowgate, the protagonist of the Doctrine of Labyrinths series of books
  • Felix Holt, the title character in George Eliot’s novel Felix Holt, the Radical
  • Felix Jaeger, in the Gotrek and Felix series of books
  • Felix Koffka, a character in Mark Millar’s graphic novel Prodigy: The Icarus Society
  • Felix Krull, the protagonist of Thomas Mann’s novel Confessions of Felix Krull
  • Felix de Lacey, minor character in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein
  • Felix Leiter, from the James Bond books and movies
  • Felix Lodd, in The Edge Chronicles
  • Felix Philips, a minor character in the Kane Chronicles (book series)
  • Felix Phillips, primary character in Margaret Atwood’s novel Hag-Seed
  • Felix Renton, in Disney’s Kim Possible
  • Felix Richter, from Dead by Daylight
  • Felix Sanders, the protagonist of The Divide trilogy book series
  • Felix Stewart, in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Felix Taggaro, recurring character in the television series One Tree Hill’
  • Félix Tholomyes, minor character in Les Misérables and father of Cosette
  • Felix Ungar, in the stage play, movie adaptation and television series The Odd Couple
  • Félix Fathom, Adrien Agreste’s cousin from the French animated television series Miraculous Ladybug
  • Fix-It Felix Jr., from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph
  • Félix, from Disney’s Encanto

See also[edit]

  • Felicia
  • Feliksas


  1. ^ «Origin and meaning of felicity». Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved 2021-06-10.

феликс — перевод на английский

Варианты перевода слова «феликс»

  • felix


Приезжай! Феликс.

Come, Felix.

Феликс Бенвенуто Фрайхерн фон Гайгерн.

I am Felix Benvenuto Frihern von Geigern.

— Привет, Феликс.

— Oh, hello, Felix.

Феликс, принеси вина, пожалуйста.

Felix, bring us some wine, will you?

Да, Феликс.

Yes, Felix.

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имя собственное





Но новый развязный Феликс пойдет.

But new loosey-goosey Felix goes out.




Хихикает себе в бороду, особенно когда мой брат Феликс шалит.

He sniggers into his beard, especially when my brother Félix is being funny.


Контексты с «феликс»

Но новый развязный Феликс пойдет.
But new loosey-goosey Felix goes out.

Хихикает себе в бороду, особенно когда мой брат Феликс шалит.
He sniggers into his beard, especially when my brother Félix is being funny.

Мой броненосец Феликс в порядке.
My armadillo Felix is good.

Первый президент республики, Феликс Уфуэ-Буаньи был избран в 1960 году, когда страна обрела независимость. И оставался у власти до своей смерти, в 1993 году – и ему удавалось создавать правительство, в котором бы присутствовали представители всех племен, а также соблюдать баланс между живущими на юге католиками и северными мусульманами.
The Republic’s first president, Félix Houphouet-Boigny, was elected at independence in 1960 and remained in office until he died in 1993 – always careful to construct governments with representatives from all the tribes, and with a balance between southern Catholics and northern Muslims.

Феликс, это Селеста из Парижа.
Felix, this is Celeste from Paris.


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Gender Masculine

Usage Russian, Slovene, Polish

Scripts Феликс(Russian)

Pronounced Pron. FYEH-lyiks(Russian) FEH-lyeeks(Polish)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Russian, Slovene and Polish form of Felix.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesFelix(Ancient Roman) Felix(Biblical) Phelix(Biblical Greek) Felix(Biblical Latin) Feliu(Catalan) Felix(Danish) Felix(Dutch) Felix(English) Félix(French) Felix(German) Félix(Hungarian) Felice(Italian) Felix(Norwegian) Félix(Portuguese) Felix(Romanian) Félix(Spanish) Felix(Swedish)

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expressionist artists, Hetalia characters

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Перевод для «феликс» на английский

  • Примеры
  • Подобные фразы

Примеры перевода

  • felix

Хансруеди Феликс, «Феликс, Штирнадель & Партнер» (Швейцария)

Hansruedi Felix, Felix, Stirnadel & Partner (Switzerland)

Феликс Шнайдер

Felix Schnyder

Феликс С. Ампоро

Felix S. Amporo





Центр Феликса Варелы

Felix Varela Center


ZIMBABWE Felix Maonera

Феликс Датуовей (Нигерия).

Felix Datuowei (Nigeria)

Феликс А. Датуовей (Нигерия)

Felix A. Datuowei (Nigeria)

Меня зовут Феликс.

Hi.I’m Felix.

Феликс не подстреливал.

Felix didn’t.

Феликс, не надо.

Felix, don’t.

Кто такой Феликс?

Who’s Felix?

«Сан-Феликс — Рыба». «Рыба Сан-Феликса»

«San Felix fish.» Mm.

У тебя Феликс?

You’ve got Felix?

Феликс, я пришла!

Felix, I’m coming!

Феликс, что случилось?

Felix, what’s up?

— «Феликс Фелицис»? — сказал он. — Ну, не знаю… Я приберегал его для…

Felix Felicis?” he said. “I dunno… I was sort of saving it…”

— Тебе понадобится то, что в них завернуто, «Феликс Фелицис».

“You need what’s wrapped in them, it’s the Felix Felicis.

По крайней мере… — он уверенно шагнул к двери, — «Феликс» знает.

“I know what I’m doing… or at least”—he strolled confidently to the door—“Felix does.”

Ну, вот вам приз — один флакончик «Феликс Фелицис», как обещано, и смотрите используйте его с толком!

Here you are, then, here you are—one bottle of Felix Felicis, as promised, and use it well!

Молчание длилось долго, но «Феликс Фелицис» говорил Гарри, что прерывать его не следует, следует ждать.

There was a long, long silence, but Felix Felicis told Harry not to break it, to wait.

Пробираясь назад, к замку, Гарри чувствовал, как начинает выдыхаться «Феликс Фелицис».

Harry could feel the Felix Felicis wearing off as he creeped back into the castle.

Во всяком случае, тот, кто добьется наилучших результатов, получит в награду этого маленького «Феликса». Начали!

The person who does best, however, will win little Felix here. Off you go!

Это. Что ж, леди и джентльмены, это весьма любопытное зельице под названием «Феликс Фелицис».

Well, that one, ladies and gentlemen, is a most curious little potion called Felix Felicis. I take it,

Он знал, что под его ногами твердая почва: «Феликс» сказал ему, что поутру Слизнорт ни единого слова из их разговора не вспомнит.

He knew he was safe: Felix was telling him that Slughorn would remember nothing of this in the morning.

Да, собираюсь, — с силой ответил Гарри. — Послушай, без Принца я никогда не получил бы «Феликс Фелицис».

Yeah, I am,” said Harry forcefully. “Listen, without the Prince I’d never have won the Felix Felicis.

Когда вернется Феликс, если Феликс знает ответы на вопросы, если Феликс может как-то направить их, если Феликс знает, как… Они не один час рассуждали об этом.

When Felix comes, if Felix has the answers, if Felix can somehow direct, if Felix knows how … they speculated for hours.

— Не за что, Феликс.

Not at all, Felix.

Но Феликс сидел здесь, напротив него, настоящий Феликс.

But this was Felix sitting here, Felix across a table from him.

– Феликс, – ответил кролик. – Феликс… Политовский?! – Не знаю.

Felix,” said the rabbit. “Felix … Politovsky?” “Don’t know.

«Феликс, вечно только Феликс», — говорил он, когда бы я ни спросила.

Felix, always Felix,’ he would say whenever I asked questions.

— сказал себе Феликс.

Felix said to himself.

И все же, Феликс, и все же…

And yet, Felix, and yet….

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