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Love’s Tender Touch: Haiku Poems

Love’s Beauty In Three Lines: Haiku Poetry On Romance

Welcome to the love section of 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find a range of haikus about love that are sure to make your heart skip a beat. From sweet and romantic to funny and quirky, these haikus capture the many faces of love. So grab a cup of tea, snuggle up with your partner, and enjoy some heartwarming poetry!

Short Poems

1. “Cherry Blossom Kisses”
Soft petals falling,
As your lips meet mine with love,
Springtime paradise.

2. “Endless Devotion”
Eternal promise,
Our love will last forever,
Unwavering heart.

3. “Dancing Fireflies”
Fluttering love notes,
Dancing in the summer breeze,
Lighting up the night.

4. “Winter Embrace”
Frozen gusts of wind,
Love keeps us warm in its grip,
A cold yet warm bliss.

Medium Poems

1. The Sweetest Love
In your arms, I find
A love that’s so true and sweet
My heart sings with joy

2. The Magic of Love
Like the moon and stars
Our love glimmers and shines bright
A magical wonder

3. Endless Love
Our love will endure,
Through the sun, rain, and winter
Forever and always

Long Poems

1. Our love blooms like spring,
Gently swaying with the breeze,
Eternally true.

2. In your eyes I see,
The reflection of my soul,
Love beyond measure.

3. Two hearts intertwined,
Passion and affection grow,
Forever in love.

4. Your touch ignites fire,
In my heart and in my soul,
A burning desire.

5. Love is eternal,
A journey of two souls bound,
Together, always.

  1. 1.

    Haiku Year

    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    Delightful display
    Snowdrops bow their pure white heads
    To the sun’s glory.

    Read Complete Poem

    • Poem of the Day

    Featured Shared Story

    I love this poem sooooo much! Can’t stop reading it. I am in love with the absolute perfect descriptions of each month…great job Paul.

  2. 5.

    October’s Gold

    • By Paul Holmes

    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2019 with permission of the Author.

    Like crunchy cornflakes
    Gold leaves rustle underfoot
    Beauty in decay.

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    Featured Shared Story

    I like Haikus and I like this one very much. It goes to prove that just a few well-chosen words can say more effectively than pages full. I love the comparison of cornflakes to dead leaves…

    Read complete story

  3. 6.

    The Pink Summer Sphere

    • By Suh Joon Kim

    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2016 with permission of the Author.

    The Sweet Sensation Of Peaches Haiku, The Pink Summer Sphere
    The chill, worming in
    Shock, pleasure, bursting within
    Summer tongue awakes

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    Featured Shared Story

    This haiku just makes me want to close my eyes and picture in my head a beautiful flower garden, swaying in the cool breeze on a hot summer day. It also gives me the chills!

  4. 10.

    The 2nd Season

    • By Billy R. Warner

    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the Author.

    Fresh spring morning time.
    That’s the sound of solitude,
    the presence of peace.

    Read Complete Poem

  5. 12.

    Love Haiku

    • By Alisha L Mead

    • Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

    I am over you.
    Then my eyes meet yours once more,
    and I fall in love.

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    Featured Shared Story

    I LOVE this poem! It feels good because I can relate!

  6. 14.

    Autumn Love

    • By Savannah M. Jones

    • Published by Family Friend Poems September 2018 with permission of the Author.

    Coolness fills the air
    Scarves and sweaters everywhere
    Fall weather is here

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    Featured Shared Story

    This poem helps me to experience the love of autumn! It’s a great visual!

  7. 15.

    «The Fire» In Haiku

    • By Andrew Mancinelli

    • Published by Family Friend Poems February 2013 with permission of the Author.

    I was in fire,
    The room was dark and somber.
    I sleep peacefully.

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    Featured Shared Story

    It is a good poem. I like it a lot. It is also narrated well.

  8. 17.

    Hello Autumn

    • By Patricia L. Cisco

    • Published by Family Friend Poems October 2021 with permission of the Author.

    Warm fall afternoons,
    crisp cool eves with harvest moons,
    crickets singing tunes,

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    • Poem of the Day

    Featured Shared Story

    I’m so happy you enjoyed «Hello Autumn.» It has always been my favorite season of the year. I had to think of a way to sum it up completely for a Haiku style poem and this is what I came up…

    Read complete story

  9. 20.

    Happy Spring Haiku

    • By Harold Corzine

    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2018 with permission of the Author.

    Spring brings happiness
    Flowers, songbirds, and green grass.
    God’s love on display.

    Read Complete Poem

Keen on introducing your middle schoolers to a new form of poetry? Get them excited to discover the vast array of language possibilities by introducing them to Haikus- traditionally a Japanese form consisting of three lines with a syllabic structure of 5, 7, 5 in each line. The beauty of this form is that, apart from its rigid syllable setup, your little writers will be free to play with word usage as they please. So, without further adieu, let’s get stuck into 85+ assorted Haiku examples!

Miscellaneous Haikus

These haikus for children are fun and sweet and span a heap of recognizable topics that your kiddos will surely relate to. Incorporating this type of poetry into your language program can help your students get to grips with specified syllable use whilst exploring English in new and creative ways. Emphasizing simplicity, directness, and intensity, these haikus will get your learners to explore natural elements, animals, and more!

1. Silent Pond

An old silent pond…

A frog jumps into the cool,

Splash! Silence again.

-Matsuo Basho

2. Splash

If this puddle could

Talk, I think it would tell me

To splash my sister.

3. April Wind

Whitecaps on the bay:

A broken signboard banging

In the April wind.

-Richard Wright

4. Flowers

Flowers growing high

Blooming up toward the sky

Paint vibrant colors.

5. Sky

Sunshine, shine brightly

Above the clouds, in the sky

A light shining bright.

6. Snowflakes

Snowflakes are our friends.

They descend when winter comes,

Making white blankets.

7. Waves

Curling blue water,

Splashing at the sandy shore,

Beautiful ocean.

8. Mountains

Reaching to the sky,

Birds singing in the pine trees,

Home for animals.

-Miss Larson

9. Flower

In tickly-toe grass,

A buttercup offers up

Yellow nose kisses.

10. Withered Flowers

Flowers on the ground

Withered, gnarled, turning brown,

Fading back to dust.

11. Rain

Splish-splash, puddle bath!

Raindrops march in spring parade-

Wake up, sleepy earth.

12. Leaves

From underneath the

Leaf pile, my invisible

Brother is giggling.

13. My Dog

My homework is late-

My dog ate it this morning.

I sure like my dog.

14. Easter Bunny

Easter bunny hides

Easter eggs are out of sight

Kids look everywhere.

15. Spring

I saw two seagulls

And a red bird in a tree

Waiting there for spring.

16. The Little Bird

A little bird sings

A very beautiful song,

It is about him.

17. Hummingbird

Chirping in the trees,

In mid-air with beating winds,

Tiny precious bird.

18. Butterflies

Butterflies are cool

In the big, huge, green forest.

They fly up so high!

19. Frogs

Winter by the pond

Ice hands from a craggy tree

Where did the frogs go?

20. Dog

Bright eyes, wagging tail-

The universe, in dog form,

Invites us to play.

21. Cat Haiku

Forever waiting…

The empty food bowl taunts me.

Well? Where’s my dinner?

22. Goldfish From The Fair

Ten cents wins a fish,

Ten bucks buys a bowl and food.

Dead the next morning.

23. Bigfoot Haiku

He has many names.

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Windigo…

I call him “Stephen”.

24. Summer

Sand in my swimsuit

Sunburn on my nose and back

Vacations are hard.

25. Alarm Clock

I love my Pillow.

My alarm clock is beeping.

No, no, no, no, no.

26. Happiness

I got an A-plus

So Dad bought me an ice cream

My life is perfect.

27. Monkey

Monkey snatches purse

You throw bananas to him

He throws back your purse.

28. Wild Horse

Saddle a wild horse

To jump on its back swiftly

Else it rides on you…

29. Puddles

Playing in puddles

And muddy clothes by day end

How will you face Mom?

30. Peanut Butter and Jelly

You be my jelly

I’ll be your peanut butter

Let’s stick together.

31. Splash

Green and speckled legs,

Hop on logs and lily pads

Splash in cool water.

32. Kangaroo

In a pouch, I grow

On a Southern continent-

Strange creatures I know.

33. Letters

You use computers,

IPods, mobiles, cameras.

Why not write letters?

34. Treasures

Below the water

Waits gold, silver, brass, and more

For someone to come.

35. Islands

Islands and islands

Scattered across the oceans

How many exist?

Haikus about the Seasons

Seasons have long inspired poets, and haikus are no exception. Within this collection, you will discover that each haiku, with its distinctive line and syllable arrangement, perfectly captures the essence of a specific season. Whether it’s the awakening of life in spring, the warmth of never-ending summer days, the rich transformations of autumn, or the stark beauty of winter, these verses will easily help you convey the essence of each season to your eager young poets.

36. Spring Awakening

Blossoms gently bloom,

Winter’s slumber shaken off-

Spring entered the room.

37. Spring Rain

Raindrops on petals,

Nature’s rhythm, so gentle-

Spring in fine metal.

38. Summer’s Arrival

Warm sun on my skin,

Sea’s melody in the wind-

Summer days begin.

39. Summer’s Heat

Sunburn on my cheeks,

Lemonade stands on the streets-

Summer at its peak.

40. Autumn’s Fall

Leaves crunch underfoot,

In red and gold, they take root-

Autumn’s colored loot.

41. Autumn’s Harvest

Pumpkins round and bright,

Underneath the moon’s soft light-

Autumn’s pure delight.

42. Winter’s Chill

Snowflakes falling slow,

Blanketing the earth below-

Winter’s icy glow.

43. Winter’s Silence

Silent, still, and bright,

On winter’s cold moon-soft night-

Frozen world in sight.

44. Seasons Change

Seasons ebb and flow,

Nature’s canvas starts to show—

Life’s eternal glow.

45. Seasons Circle

Spring, summer, and fall,

Then winter covers it all

Seasons in a ball.

Haikus about School Life

These haikus are crafted especially for teachers and students who enjoy the in-and-out routine of the school day. They bring to life the excitement of the morning bell and the contagious laughter on the playground. These verses also reveal the serenity of the library, the bonds of friendship that your students will undoubtedly form in the classroom, and the adrenaline of sporting events- all in the timeless 5-7-5 syllabic style that defines haikus. These haikus are not just a delightful read but also a powerful tool for you to engage your students in thought-provoking discussions and creative exploration.

46. School Bell

Ringing fills the air,

A day of learning to share-

School life can’t compare.

47. Morning Lessons

Chalkdust and book smell,

Knowledge to imbibe and tell-

Learning’s magic spell.

48. Playground Laughter

Echoes of joy ring,

In the playground, we can swing-

Childhood on the wing.

49. Library Quiet

Silent books hold tales,

Imagination sets sail-

Learning never fails.

50. School Friends

Laughter and shared dreams,

Friendships flow like gentle streams-

School life’s golden beams.

51. Lunchtime Clatter

Voices all, chatter,

Plates of food, joyful clatter-

Lunchtime leaves splatter.

52. School Sports

Ready running fast,

Diving, High-Fiving we cheer

A flying ball. Caught!

53. Homework Trials

Papers, pens, and books,

In every nook and cranny,

Homework’s fishy hooks.

54. End of School Day

Bell rings, day’s end near,

Homeward bound we shout with cheer-

Tomorrow, back here.

Haikus about Emotions

In this section, each haiku explores a specific emotion- whether it be the bubbling over of uncontained joy or the surge of love, the shadows of fear or anger’s fire, each of the poems does a fantastic job of depicting a certain feeling. These concise poems aim to convey the depth and breadth of human feelings, and with them in your repertoire, you’ll be equipped to guide your students toward a deeper self-understanding while they begin to master a new poetic form.

55. Anger’s Blaze

Words sharp as a sword,

Bitterness drips off the tongue

Anger’s fire consumes.

56. Joy Unleashed

Laughter fills the sky,

A light feather going by

Joy that makes us fly.

57. Fear’s Grip

Shadows cast, eyes wide,

Heart pounding – Breathing so fast-

Fear takes hold of me

58. Hope’s Light

Through the darkest night,

Shines hope’s steadfast, guiding light-

Pandora’s small gift

59. Curiosity Sparks

Questions bloom, eyes wide,

In each corner, secrets hide-


60. Gratitude’s Song

A feeling of peace

Hearts full, hands in gratitude

Kindness reflected.

61. Surprise Unfolds

A gasp of delight

Unexpected joy is here-

Surprise, crystal clear.

Haikus about Nature

With the vastness of the natural world as inspiration, these haikus aim to encapsulate the breathtaking beauty and simplicity of nature. From mountains that touch the heavens to creatures of the deep, there’s always something awe-inspiring to observe. These poems will help your students appreciate the world around them, and perhaps encourage them to explore and write about their own experiences.

62. Ocean’s Whisper

Waves crash on the shore,

Tales of ancient seafarers-

Ocean’s whispers roar.

63. Majestic Mountains

Snow-capped peaks so high,

Kissing the deep azure sky-

Nature’s lullaby.

64. Night’s Enigma

Stars twinkle above,

Mysteries of the vast night-

Dreams and stories wove.

65. Forest Secrets

Trees whispering low,

Hidden tales of old they know-

Forest secrets show.

66. Desert’s Mirage

Endless sands so hot,

Mirages play tricks on eyes-

Desert’s secret plot.

67. River’s Journey

Twisting, turning stream,

From mountain top to deep sea-

River’s endless dream.

68. Dawn’s Promise

First light paints the sky,

Birds sing, a new day is nigh-

Dawn’s gentle reply.

69. Waterfall’s Serenade

Water cascading,

Nature’s song ever fading-

Waterfall’s parade.

Haikus about Everyday Moments

Everyday life is full of moments worth capturing in words. From the comfort of home to the taste of a favorite meal, these haikus celebrate the beauty in the ordinary, offering a fresh perspective on familiar scenes.

70. Morning Brew

Steam rising gently,

Aroma fills the senses-

Morning coffee brew.

71. Evening’s Hush

Golden sunset hues,

World wrapped in evening’s soft hush-

Day’s final adieu.

72. Cozy Home

Warmth from the hearth glows,

Laughter and love always shows-

Where the heart finds home.

73. Childhood Delight

Bubbles in the air,

Children laughing without care-

Joy beyond compare.

74. City’s Pulse

Bright lights, cars honk loud,

City’s heartbeat, bustling crowd-

Urban life, unbowed.

75. Baking Day

Flour, sugar, and spice,

Baking day, everything nice-

Oven’s warm invite.

76. Tranquil Moments

Book in hand, tea sip,

Quiet corner, a small trip-

Peace in every lip.

77. Dance of Life

Music fills the space,

Twirling, swaying, a quick pace-

Life’s joyful embrace.

78. Nourishment

Golden harvest spread,

Nature’s bounty, we are fed-

To life, we are led.

79. Childhood Memories

Old toys, memories,

Childhood days, like melodies-

Past’s sweet reveries.

Haikus about Adventures

These examples really capture the spirit of adventure; reminding your young souls of the thrill of discovery, the unknown corners of our vast world, and the joy of venturing beyond the familiar. Whether it’s the allure of a map’s unmarked territories, the call of a distant land, or simply the excitement of a new day, these haikus evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity.

80. Map’s Mystery

Finger traces lines,

Unknown lands and secrets pine-

Map’s allure does shine.

81. Starry Nights

Gazing up so high,

Countless stars, the world goes by-

Dreams that touch the sky.

82. Beyond the Horizon

Golden sun does set,

Beyond the horizon’s edge-

New worlds, no regret.

83. Footprints in the Sand

Beach stretches so wide,

Adventures with every tide-

Journey side by side.

84. New Day Dawning

First light breaks the dark,

New adventures, a fresh start-

Day’s song, nature’s lark.

85. Mountain’s Challenge

Rocky path winds up,

To the peak, where eagles cup-

Mountain’s daring sup.

86. Mystical Forest

Trees tall, shadows cast,

Whispers of ages long past-

Forests hold tales vast.

87. Distant Lands

Tales of far-off place,

Cultures, flavors, a new face-

Travel’s thrilling chase.

88. Cave’s Secrets

Darkness beckons in,

Echoes of old tales begin-

Cave’s mysteries spin.

89. Wings of Freedom

Birds soar high and free,

Above lands, rivers, the sea-

Flight’s pure jubilee.

How much I live for the love haiku. In all its form and for all its worth, I have created my collection of top love haiku for your read, you should never miss it.

What is the Love Haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese poem with seventeen syllables. The haiku is a poem constructed in three lines of five, seven and five syllables which clearly spells out the soulful art of poem writing that plays traditionally with happenings in the world. The haiku continues in a traditional  5-7-5 pattern of writing short poems that propels creativity within the short form of poem writing.

There is always a tone of spirituality in the haiku, which attempts to merge humanity with nature. For my love haiku, I want to infuse love and emotions into human reality and the natural world, and who knows maybe I could gradually become one of the best love haiku writers in the world. Do you believe?

My 10 romantic Love Haiku

1 Your smooth and velvety skin
Arouses me in a very sensual way
That makes my pelvic ache

2 Shiny stars in this night
Staring down at me as bright
Pulling me in sweet surrender

3 Your love is my drug
Your melody paves my path like rug
Making me weak and rough

4 Your love is my weakness
And also the greatest strength for me
Your affection defies knowledge

5 You breath in my ear
And then I moan without any regrets
So I want you so near

6 Sweet melody of peaceful surrender
Is what your loves gives me forever
That no one can put asunder

7 Your soft kisses like petals
Of flowers that open in sweet surrender
When touched in the middle

8 Your kisses of yesterday
Haunt me crazily from day to day
That my heart flutters away

9 When our love happened yesterday
It seemed like tomorrow will not come
Our hearts merged as one

10 My love is like butterfly
Flies from hither to stay here forever
In love and true perfection

My 10 emotional love haiku

11 Let our love come together
So we can love each other forever
And we will live as one

12 I am all over you
And when I touch you once more
I fall in love again

13 I know I love you
Truly from the depths of my heart
Together in love as one

14 Listen, learn, love and pray
To live, know and understand pure affection
So we can become one

15 In order to love eachother
Our commitment must led to our contentment
And we live happily everafter

16 I know in my heart
That my love is just only for you
To live only for you

17 Love is a beautiful thing
Just like water that flows around us
So pure and so nourishing

18 Darkness lives deep inside us
Only the light of love can brighten
Us from within and without

19 I love you my lady
You and I will live together forever
Our love shall never die

20 I thought it was over
Until you came my way just yesterday
And I fall blindly again

You can also create your love haiku as well. Try and also drop your favorite love haiku in the comment section below.

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«17 Haiku or A Cycle of Seasons» is a response of Peter Wolrich to my cycle of 17 haiku «The Silly Moon» written in Russian in 2010-2011 and translated by me into English in 2014 (see here in the Appendix). D. Smirnov-Sadovsky

«17 хайку или цикл Времён Года» — это ответ Питера Вульрича на мой цикл из 17 хайку «Глупая луна», написанный по-русски в 2010-2011 гг. и переведённый мною на английский язык в 2014 году (см. здесь в Приложении). Д. Смирнов-Садовский


Green freshness of Spring —
Arise, arise to new life
Creeping, growing things

Bursting of the buds
Languorous smell of lilies —
Signs of paradise

Budding attraction
Deepening interaction —
Hearts minds bodies one

All that scintillates,
Harbingers of transcendence,
Echos from anon

The frog and the cat
croak and mew in fine duet.
All goes together

Summer is so full
It fulfills the hope of Spring —
Bees buzz skylark sings

Tongue in juicy pear
Eye on flitting firefly —
Enjoy together

The cat licks itself,
Purrs, content with its nature.
Is it vain or wise?

View from the mountain
seems to reach infinity —
Yet little is seen

Beauties of sunset
In a suspended moment —
call for the thunder

Die, leaves of autumn,
In your blaze of sharp colors.
Spring brings you back green

Putrid, wet remains
of forgotten memories
Agitate the soul

Your haunted smile
The mystery of your eyes
All lost forever

Crack-crack, crack-crack-crack,
So splits the heart deep inside.
The sound leaves no trace

the harsh fact of human loss?
Await, and ponder

The woods of silence
Cold and weighted with the snow
bask in emptiness

Blank slate of winter
to write the new on the white —
Green springs from empty

March-April 2014


Зелёная свежесть весны —
вставайте, вставайте к новой жизни
ползущие, растущие создания!

Раскрытие бутонов,
томящий запах лилий —
приметы рая

Расцветающее очарование,
углубляющаяся взаимосвязь —
сердца-умы-тела едины

вестники запредельного —
отзвуки грядущего

Лягушка и кот,
слаженный дуэт «ква» и «мяу» —
всё в полной гармонии

Лето переполнено до краёв,
сбывается надежда Весны —
пчёлы жужжат, жаворонок поёт.

Язык в сочной груше
глаз на порхающем светляке —
наслаждайтесь вместе

Кошка лижет себя,
мурлычет, довольна своей природой.
Это тщета или мудрость?

Глядя с горы, кажется,
что взор достигает бесконечности —
но видим мы так мало!

Красоты заката
Пока время застыло —
Зовите грозу

Умирайте, листья осени,
в огне ваших резких красок —
весна вернёт вам зелень!

Полусгнившие влажные останки
забытых воспоминаний
будоражат душу

Твоя призрачная улыбка,
мистерия твоих глаз —
всё потеряно навсегда

Крак-крак, крак-крак-крак —
так сердце трещит в глубине.
Звук не оставляет следа

Необратим ли
суровый факт человеческой утраты?
Жди и размышляй

Лес безмолвия
холодный, придавленный снегом
нежится в пустоте

На чистой доске зимы,
Новое начертано на белизне —
зелёные побеги пустоты

Март-апрель 2014


In March 2014, I sent Peter Woolrich a cycle of 17 haiku called «Silly Moon» in my own translation into English and soon received the following response:

Dear Dmitri,

Greetings from Hong Kong with great thanks for sending me your haiku which I enjoyed tremendously. The pleasure of reading them inspired me to return the gift by writing some haiku of my own, something I had never done before. You will find them below… Following your lead, there are 17 haiku (echoing the 17 syllables in each of them). Each of the haiku stands alone and can be read independent of the others, but all 17 can be read together as a single poem. My hope is that you may enjoy this return of a gift that first came from you…. With warm regards, Peter (Thursday, March 27, 2014 7:47 AM)

В марте 2014 года я послал своему американскому другу Питеру Вулричу цикл из 17 хайку под названием «Глупая луна» в собственном переводе на английский язык и вскоре получил следующий ответ. Привожу оригинал и свой перевод на русский:

Дорогой Дмитрий,

Привет из Гонконга и большое спасибо за присланные Вами хайку, доставившие мне чрезвычайное наслаждение. Удовольствие от чтения их вдохновило меня на ответный подарок: несколько хайку сочинённых мною, чего я никогда раньше не делал. Вы найдёте их ниже… Следуя Вашему примеру, я посылаю 17 хайку (число, отражающее 17 слогов в каждом из них). Каждое из этих хайку самостоятельно и может читаться независимо от других, но все17 могут быть прочитаны вместе как единое стихотворение. Я надеюсь, что Вам доставит удовольствие мой ответ на подарок первоначально исходивший от Вас… С тёплыми пожеланиями, Питер (Четверг 27 марта 2014, 7:47 утра)


  • Переводы с английского языка
  • Питер М. Вулрич
  • Переводы, выполненные Д. Смирновым-Садовским
  • Translations by D. Smirnov-Sadovsky

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