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Endangered Species Вымирающие животные
Every year the number of endangered species steadily grows. It would be good to define what the community of endangered species is. It is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct. More than 40 percent of all organisms are likely to become extinct soon, which is unbelievable. Some of them are simply few in numbers, some are threatened by changing environment. С каждым годом количество исчезающих видов неуклонно растет. Было бы хорошо, дать определение самому сообществу исчезающих видов. Это собрание организмов, которые находятся под угрозой вымирания. Более 40 процентов всех организмов подвержены скорому вымиранию, что просто невероятно. Некоторые из них просто малочисленны, некоторые находятся под угрозой изменения окружающей среды.
In most cases animal extinction, as well as other natural calamities, is a result of human actions. Many habitats are being destroyed around the world. It seems that endangered wildlife is everywhere around us. To think only that these cute little polar bears at the zoo are gradually going to become extinct. Human activity has strong influence on the process of animal extinction. People chop down numerous forests, leaving certain species without shelter and their natural habitat. They also build newer and newer factories, which release chemical wastes into ocean water. As a result, thousands of sea animal die out. В большинстве случаев исчезновение животных, как и другие природные бедствия, это результат человеческих действий. По всему миру разрушают их естественную среду обитания. Кажется, что угроза исчезновения диких животных окружает нас повсюду. Подумать только, что эти милые маленькие белые медведи, которые живут в зоопарке, постепенно вымирают. Деятельность человека оказывает сильное влияние на процесс вымирания животных. Люди вырубают многочисленные леса, оставляя некоторые виды без крова и их естественной среды обитания. Также, они все время строят новые заводы, которые выпускают химические отходы в воду океана. В результате этого, тысячи морских животных вымирают.
Moreover, people often overexploit animals, buying and selling their valuable parts, such as skin, teeth, fat, tusks. Domestic animals are also badly treated. Помимо этого, люди часто чрезмерно эксплуатируют животных, покупая и продавая их ценные части, например, кожу, зубы, жир, клыки. С домашними животными тоже неважно обращаются.
If people continue treating our environment in such way, we will soon be trapped in ecological disaster. Если люди будут продолжать, так относится к нашей окружающей среде, то в скором времени мы окажемся в ловушке экологического бедствия.
There are many reasons for rare species’ conservation. Firstly, they have aesthetic value. Secondly, they are useful from medical point of view. And, finally, the ecology of our planet literally depends on them. Существует множество причин для сохранения редких видов. Во-первых, они имеют эстетическую ценность. Во-вторых, они полезны с медицинской точки зрения. И, наконец, экология нашей планеты буквально зависит на них.

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Endangered animals are species that are at risk of extinction. The reasons can be many including habitat loss, pollution, and climate change.

Examples of Endangered Animals

Examples of endangered animals include the Siberian Tiger, the Giant Panda, and the Blue Whale. These animals are struggling to survive due to human activities.

Importance of Saving Endangered Animals

Saving endangered animals is important because they play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of nature. Their extinction can disrupt the ecosystem.


We should take steps to protect endangered animals. This includes preserving their habitats and reducing pollution.

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250 Words Essay on Endangered Animals

Introduction to Endangered Animals

Endangered animals are those species that are at risk of becoming extinct. This threat is primarily due to human activities such as deforestation, hunting, pollution, and climate change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) maintains the Red List which classifies species based on their extinction risk.

The Impact of Human Activities

Human activities are the primary cause of animal endangerment. Deforestation for agriculture, urban development, and logging destroys habitats, leaving animals without homes or food. Poaching and overfishing deplete animal populations, and pollution can poison waterways and air, affecting both terrestrial and aquatic species.

Climate Change and Animal Endangerment

Climate change exacerbates the threats to endangered species. Rising temperatures can alter habitats, making them uninhabitable for certain species. Changes in precipitation patterns can also disrupt food chains, affecting species at all levels.

The Role of Conservation

Conservation plays a crucial role in preventing extinction. Efforts include creating protected areas, enforcing anti-poaching laws, and breeding programs. However, it also requires addressing the root causes such as unsustainable development and climate change.


The survival of endangered animals is a critical issue. It not only maintains biodiversity but also ensures the health of our ecosystems. As stewards of the planet, it is our responsibility to protect these species and their habitats. Through understanding, awareness, and action, we can help ensure their survival for future generations.

500 Words Essay on Endangered Animals

Introduction to Endangered Animals

The term “endangered” refers to species that are at risk of becoming extinct. Endangered animals are those whose numbers are so low that they could soon disappear forever. Conservationists use a set of criteria to categorize the extinction risk, including the number of individuals remaining, the overall increase or decrease in the population over time, breeding success rates, and known threats.

The Plight of Endangered Species

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) maintains a “Red List” of threatened species. As of 2020, they reported that more than 37,400 species are threatened with extinction. This includes 41% of amphibians, 34% of conifers, 33% of reef-building corals, 25% of mammals, and 14% of birds. The reasons for the endangerment of these animals range from habitat loss and climate change to overexploitation and pollution.

Habitat loss is perhaps the most significant cause of species endangerment. As humans continue to develop land for housing, agriculture, and commerce, they are destroying natural habitats, often leaving animals without places to live and breed. Moreover, climate change is altering the natural ecosystems that animals rely upon, forcing them to adapt to new conditions or move to new habitats.

Conservation Efforts

Despite these alarming statistics, there is hope. Conservation efforts worldwide aim to protect endangered species and their habitats. These efforts range from establishing protected areas, like national parks and wildlife reserves, to enacting laws that regulate hunting, pollution, and land development.

One of the most effective ways to conserve endangered species is through the establishment of captive breeding programs. These programs aim to increase the population size of endangered species in a controlled environment, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing them into the wild.

The Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of ecosystems and our survival. Each species, no matter how small, has an important role to play in ecosystem balance. Losing a single species can have significant and cascading effects on the ecosystem, leading to a domino effect that can disrupt ecosystem services.


In conclusion, the issue of endangered animals is a pressing one, requiring immediate and concerted efforts. While the task is immense, the collective actions of governments, conservation organizations, and individuals can make a difference. By understanding and addressing the causes of endangerment, implementing conservation strategies, and valuing biodiversity, we can help ensure the survival of endangered species for generations to come.

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Today every ten minutes one species of animal, insect, bird, fish or plant dies out forever mainly because of the world’s environmental problems. However, some animals have become extinct because of human actions. People hunt, overfish and change wetlands and forests to croplands and urban areas.

The passenger pigeon, the dodo, the West African black rhino, the Caribbean monk seal, the Tasmanian wolf were hunted to extinction, for instance. The West African rhino became extinct due to being hunted for its horns. The dodo was last seen nearly 400 years ago on the East African coast. Unlike most birds, dodos couldn’t fly and were easy to be caught for meat.

Several major mass extinctions occurred in the past. Each time many animal species were wiped out. The worst mass extinction happened about 248 million years ago. This extinction included mainly invertebrates that lived in water. Another mass extinction occurred about 65 million years ago. It wiped out many of the planet’s land animals, including the dinosaurs. Scientists believe that a giant asteroid hit the Earth and caused that disaster.

About 10,000 years ago another mysterious animal extinction occurred. It was especially dramatic in North America, where woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats disappeared. Some scientists believe that the climate change collapsed the food chain, animals had nothing to eat and couldn’t survive.

As global temperatures are rising nowadays, animals such as polar bears, penguins, walruses and the arctic foxes are becoming more and more under threat. The Great Barrier Reef, home to around 1500 different species, has lost over half its coral cover in just three decades, due to the climate change as well. Today a quarter of mammals is at risk of extinction according to the International Red List of Threatened Species.

Laws are trying to protect the world’s endangered species and their habitats from being polluted or destroyed. Some laws make it illegal to hunt endangered animals. Nevertheless, if nothing is done about wildfires, air, soil and water pollution, our planet will face disastrous consequences and one million species that are alive today will have become extinct in the nearest 20 years.


Сегодня каждые 10 минут один вид животного, насекомого, птицы, рыбы или растения вымирает навсегда, в основном, из-за мировых экологических проблем. Однако некоторые виды животных вымирают по причине человеческих поступков. Люди охотятся, истощают рыбные запасы, превращают болотистые места и леса в пахотные земли и городские застройки.

Странствующий голубь, додо, западно-африканский черный носорог, карибский тюлень-монах, тасманский волк были, к примеру, полностью истреблены охотой. Западно-африканский носорог вымер вследствие охоты на его рога. В последний раз додо был замечен около 400 лет назад на восточно-африканском побережье. В отличие от большинства птиц, додо не умел летать, и его легко было поймать ради мяса.

Несколько основных массовых вымираний произошло в прошлом. И каждый раз многие виды животных были стерты с лица земли. Самое страшное массовое вымирание произошло около 248 миллионов лет назад. Это вымирание касалось, в основном, беспозвоночных, обитающих в воде. Другое массовое вымирание случилось около 65 миллионов лет назад. Оно уничтожило многих наземных животных планеты, включая динозавров. Ученые полагают, что гигантский астероид врезался в Землю и привел к катастрофе.

Около 10 000 лет назад произошло еще одно загадочное вымирание животных. И драматичнее всего оно было в Северной Америке, где исчезли шерстистые мамонты и саблезубые кошки. Некоторые ученые считают, что климатические изменения разрушили пищевую цепочку, животным стало нечем питаться, и они не смогли выжить.

Поскольку глобальные температуры сегодня повышаются, такие животные, как полярные медведи, пингвины, моржи и песцы все больше и больше подвергаются угрозе. Большой Коралловый Риф, дом для 1500 видов животных, потерял более половины своего кораллового покрова всего лишь за три десятилетия также по причине климатических изменений. Согласно Международному Красному Списку Исчезающих Видов четверть млекопитающих находится сегодня под угрозой исчезновения.

Закон пытается защитить исчезающие в мире виды животных и их места обитания от загрязнения и разрушения. Некоторые законы объявляют охоту на исчезающие виды животных противозаконной. Тем не менее, если ничего не изменится в ситуации с лесными пожарами, загрязнением воздуха, почвы и воды, то наша планета столкнется с трагическими последствиями, и в ближайшие 20 лет один миллион видов животных, которые живы сегодня, вымрут.

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There are many endangered animals in the world today, which play important roles in our environment and in our lives. Humans are the main cause of these animals becoming extinct, but with the help of the government and caring people some of these animals have increased in numbers and have been taken off the endangered species list. Many people think that they cannot do anything to help these poor animals, but they are wrong. There are many ways in which people can help to keep these animals from becoming endangered or help save them.

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There are many endangered animals and they come in all shapes and sizes. Ninety-nine percent of the earth’s creatures have become extinct. Just in the United States more than a dozen insects, mostly butterflies are on the endangered species list, along with over 50 species of fish, 100 reptiles and amphibians, and over 300 mammals. (World Book Encyclopedia 490). More than 1,000 species are endangered word wide, and over 100 of these endangered animals become extinct every day.

Scientists estimate that the total number of species lost to extinction each year may climb to 40,000 by the year 2000. One of these many mammals is the tiger, which lives in temperate and habitat is being destroyed. Some other mammals that are being overhunted for sport or for their fur are the Jaguar, Cheetah and the Snow Leopard. They live in many parts of the world, the Cheetah is found in Africa and India, the Jaguar in the USA and Central and South America, and the Snow Leopard in the mountains of Central Asia.

(www.endangeredcreatures.net) (World Book Encyclopedia 490). The Blue Whale is one of the many mammals that are endangered. They live in all the oceans, but are becoming extinct because they are being over hunted for their blubber, food and for whale oil.

The Giant Panda has a slow reproduction rate that has played a major role in the endangerment of the panda. (491). The Asiatic Lion that is native to Turkey and India is endangered because of overhunting and loss of habitat. The Aye-Aye, which is a cute little animal that looks like a Gremlin with a long tale, has been put on the endangered species list because its habitat in Madagascar is being lost. (Compton’s Encyclopedia 209) Another cute little creature that is on the endangered species list is the Chinchilla that lives in Bolivia. If this little creature gets wet then it will die and that is a big part of its problem. Another problem for the Chinchilla is that is habitat is being destroyed by humans. The Mission Blue Butterfly is one of the dozen insects on the endangered species list. It only lives in Oregon and is endangered because of habitat destruction. (www.endangeredcreatures.net) Most animals become endangered because of habitat destruction and overhunting, but some become endangered because of changes in the environment, pollution, and accidental kills.

Because most of this is cause by humans it would only be right for us to help these animals increase their population and get them off the endangered species list. There are other reasons why we should help. For one the animals are very important to our ecosystem and to medical research. Some animals have special traits or properties that would benefit humans in the medical field. By finding out what these special traits and properties are then we could find curse to some diseases or much more.

They also provide an important and crucial role in our environment and the life cycle of other animals. If animals that feed on other animals become extinct then the other animals would overrun the land. (Compton’s Encyclopedia 209). It is also important to keep these animals around so we can learn more about them and show younger generations these amazing animals. If we do not keep these animals around then our whole ecosystem could fall apart and we would be left without anything. We should also be considerate of the animals’ habitats because we must share the earth with all the creatures and it is our job to protect them and keep them from all dying off.

We can prevent these animals from becoming endangered or extinct. Parents and kids can get involved in these activities. There are many organizations where people can adopt endangered animals, and get information on how to conserve their food supply and their habitat. Conducting a community awareness survey would be a good way to let the community know that there are endangered animals in the area and let them know how they can help with the efforts to save it. The watershed in a community is important for the animals, so find out how the community’s activities affect the watershed. To save the insects and birds, kids can hold a school Arbor Day and plant trees and flowers for birds and insects that are native to their area that are endangered. Participating in river and beach clean ups is very important, because it reduces pollution in the water that could not only kill the poor little animals but hurt humans as well. If people would not pollute the earth in the fist place then river and beach clean ups would not be necessary. People at home can plant gardens that attract wildlife, birds, and butterflies so they will have something to eat and someplace to rest. Putting out bird feeders in the winter can help with the prevention of bird starvation in the winter.

Also writing to the governor of a town where endangered animals are common could help to build a place where they could live free from hunters and other predators that endanger them. Over hunting is a major part of animals becoming endangered, so find out what animals are endangered or are rare and don’t hunt them for sport or for their fur. Private land owners can really help in the preservation efforts because they can conserve the land that they own if an endangered animal lives on it, or they could use their land to build a wildlife refuge. (http://fisheries.fws.gov/ma.html)

Here is a list of organizations that people can contact to get more information on helping to save endangered animals:

  • ESPU(African Organization): http://www.espu-trust.org/espu_app.txt
  • CFTWI: http://www.careforthewild.org/about.html
  • Endangered Species Coalition: http://www.stopextinction.org/org/index/html
  • NESARC: http://www.nesarc.org/
  • CITES: http://www.defenders.org/cites.html
  • The Xerces Society: http://www.xerces.org/ (www.dogpile.com)
  • The government has passed many laws and regulations to help the animals increase their population.
  • The Endangered Species Act plays a big part in saving the animals.

This act prohibits endangered animals from being traded, it also penalizes anyone who kills, sells, or transports an endangered species or anything made from an endangered species body. There are some exceptions to this rule but not many. This act also prohibits anyone from killing, hunting, collecting, harassing, harming, pursuing, shooting, trapping, wounding, or capturing any animals that are endangered. This law really helps the animals because if it were not for this law then there would be many more extinct animals. Sometimes people ignore the laws, and they will eventually get caught and have to pay the price for killing endangered animals. One rule that is useful in protecting the habitats of endangered animals is that no federal agency is allowed to build anything that would destroy the endangered animals habitats.

Even though there are some exceptions to this rule it has helped tremendously. (Lampton, Endangered Species 17) Zoos are also important because they take in animals and show the people how cute they are and teach kids how to be kind to the animals. When people buy souvenirs from the zoo part of the money goes to organizations that help endangered animals. Even though the space at the zoo may not look like much the animals are better off there than in the wild or our running free where they could get ran over or killed by some non-animal loving person. The zoo also informs people of endangered animals and what they can do to help.

There are many animals out there that are important to us and our environment and need to be helped. There are many people that can do stuff for these animals. Through organizations, government help, and zoos lots is being done to help. So please be kind hearted and help save the poor little endangered animals.


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О вымирающем животном на английском языке вам поможет составить рассказ следующая стратегия: найдите список животных, которые находятся под угрозой исчезновения. Выберите вымирающее животное (Endangered Species), о котором вы хотели бы рассказать, а затем найдите о нем информацию, например на сайте www.nationalgeographic.com. Немного ее доработайте, чтобы было понятно и интересно, затем проверьте грамотность с помощью бесплатного сервиса www.paperrater.com. Вот и все — хороший рассказ о вымирающем животном на английском языке готов.

Примеры рассказов о носорогах, китах и коалах мы приводим в этой статье. Также вы можете найти на нашем сайте множество других рассказов о животных на английском.

Белый носорог (THE WHITE RHINOCEROS) — рассказ о вымирающем животном на английском

рассказ о вымирающем животном на английском, белый носорог - rhino

The White Rhino is the second largest animal with a big head, two different horns and square-shaped lips. The white rhinoceroses’ skin colour is actually grey. Adult bulls weigh up to 2 tons, but cows weigh a bit less. They live mainly in South Africa, but today they are endangered, they suffer from poaching due to their horns.

They graze on grasses gathering in small groups. Cows reproduce only one calf every three to five years. Calfs stay with their mothers until they are about three years old. White Rhino can run quite fast in spite of their short stubby legs, but only for very short distances. The White Rhinos use their horns to protect themselves and their calfs from battle attackers.

It is known that the African sun is too hot, so White Rhinos are looking for shade, and rolling in mud, to protect their skin from sunburn and insects. Rhinos have a keen flair and excellent hearing. They can find each other by smell, every animal leaves behind.

In the wild, Rhinos have no other enemies than humans. Currently, their population is about 20 thousand individuals. People hunt and kill them for their long horns, which are actually made of keratin like our hair and nails. Some people, especially in China, Singapore, and Taiwan, think that horns can be useful for medical purposes, but this is only a superstition. In North Africa and the Middle East, people made decorations from horns.

Animals are helpless, they need our care and love. Nowadays, many organizations are working to protect these animals and gradually their population begins to grow.

Перевод рассказа о Белом Носороге.

Белые носороги являются третьим по величине животным с большой головой, двумя разными рогами и с губами квадратной формы. Цвет кожи белых носорогов на самом деле серый. Взрослые быки весят до 2 тонн, но коровы весят немного меньше. Они живут в основном в Южной Африке, но сегодня они находятся под угрозой исчезновения, они страдают от браконьерства из-за их рогов.

Они пасутся на травах собираясь в небольшие группы. Телки воспроизводят только одного теленка каждые три-пять лет. Телята остаются со своими матерями примерно до трех лет. Белый носорог может бегать довольно быстро, несмотря на свои короткие толстые ноги, но только на очень короткие расстояния. Белые носороги используют свои рога, чтобы защитить себя и своих телят от нападающих.

Известно, что африканское солнце слишком жаркое, так что белые носороги ищут тень, и вываливаются в грязи, чтобы защитить свою кожу от солнечных ожогов и насекомых.

Носороги имеют острое чутье и отличный слух. Они могут найти друг друга по запаху, который каждое животное оставляет позади себя.

В дикой природе, у носорогов нет других врагов, кроме людей. В настоящее время их популяция составляет около 20 тысяч особей. Люди охотятся и убивают их из-за длинных рогов, которые на самом деле сделаны из кератина, как наши волосы и ногти. Некоторые люди, особенно в Китае, Сингапуре и на Тайване думают, что рога могут быть использованы в лечебных целях, но это лишь суеверие. В Северной Африке и на Ближнем Востоке люди делают украшения из рогов.

Животные беспомощны, они нуждаются в нашей заботе и любви. В настоящее время многие организации работают, чтобы защитить белых носорогов и других исчезающих видов животных и постепенно их популяция начинает расти.

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    Коала (Koala)

  • рассказ о вымирающих животных - китах

    Киты (Whales)

Рассказ о гигантской панде на английском с переводом

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