Что значит imma в английском сленге

It sounds to me like the AAVE dialect’s first person future immediate. This generally starts off «I’m a-«, and is meant to indicate an imminent action. To put it off a bit further in the future, a «gonna» can be appened («I’m a-gonna…»), and to put it even further off, the «a-» is then removed («I gonna»).

Phase/Tenses of AAVE

Phase I Phase II Example
Past Pre-recent I been flown it
Past Recent I done fly it
Past Pre-present I did fly it
Past Past Inceptive I do fly it
Present Present I be flyin it
Future Immediate I’m a-fly it
Future Post-Immediate I’m a-gonna fly it
Future Indefinite future I gonna fly it

Scraped and transcribed from the linked wiki page

More typical «prestige» dialects of English only have a single future tense, which is roughly equivalent to the AAVE «I gonna» (but without the «gonna»).

AAVE is a dialect spoken in most urban areas of the USA, and is the dialect used for many (if not most) forms of American popular music as well. While it is decidedly (and sometimes proudly) not a prestige dialect of English, it is incredibly influential. So bits of it often seep into conversational English. Particuarly so when they are useful bits (the extra tenses and aspects in AAVE are damn useful. I tend to use the aspects myself in casual conversation, even if my audience isn’t always familiar with the dialect.)

As for whether you should learn AAVE, that’s a tough one. It would help a lot in understanding American Blues, Rap, and Hip-hop lyrics. On the other hand, formal training in it is going to be very hard to come by (again, not being a prestige dialect). I learned what little I know by immersion, and I’m not sure there really is any other good way.

Equivalent to «I’m gonna». Used as a shorter form to shortcut the unnecessary keystrokes made when typing out «I’m gonna».

wiCkEd eEv: grrr

B4ST4RD Z3RO: hehe

wiCkEd eEv: im glad i look young tho

B4ST4RD Z3RO: lol

wiCkEd eEv: ppl still think imma teenager…yay!

B4ST4RD Z3RO: hehe

B4ST4RD Z3RO: thats always good for women

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Wow, just wow. The way illiterate dumbasses, people in a hurry, or children (which really fall in to both categories) say one or a few of the following…

*I am

*I am a(n)

*I will

The way, usualy in text form, people write one of the above.

Max: What are you sposed to be?

Tina: Imma race car driver. Cuz I loves me some NASCAR.

Max: What are you going to do until your mother gets home?

Tina: Imma wait.

Max: What do you think you are doing with all of that money?

Tina: imma gonna spend it

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Imma is used by Seventee’s member Xu Minghao. You use it when you are disapointed or angry to someone. Imma means dude but in a stronger way.

DN: Hyung,, I may have spilled my juice.. It’s all on the bed..


Can be also used

«Where the heck is that imma going»

«Hey I called u 3 times already imma, better answer now»


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Сленговое выражение: imma / i’mma

Перевод: 1. сокращение от I’m going to: выражает будущее время, намерение («я буду», «я собираюсь», «я хочу», и т.п.)
2. сокращение от I’m a


Imma see a movie, wanna join?
Я буду смотреть кино, хочешь присоединиться?

I’mma a professional football player, I ain’t some beginner!
Я профессиональный футболист, а не какой-то начинающий!

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Что означает Rock and roll ? Я уверен, что видел это выражение в таких местах, как Hard Rock Cafe, но не совсем понимаю, что оно означает.

Rock and roll относится к жанру музыки, впервые появившемуся в 1950-х годах, и связан с движением вашего тела в ритме музыки. Это также выражение музыки, которая была очень популярна и считалась крутой в то время, если не в 1950-х! И rock and roll иногда используется в том же значении, что и let's move или get going rock and roll звучит более живо, чем эти два выражения. Пример: That is a very rock and roll outfit you have on. (Одежда, которую вы носите, действительно классная.) => Значение cool I'm so excited about this trip! Let's rock n' roll! (Я так рад отправиться в эту поездку! Поехали!) Пример: I used to listen to rock and roll when I was growing up in the '50s. (В 1950-х я вырос, слушая рок-н-ролл.)

What Is The Meaning Of Slang Word IMMA?

What does IMMA mean in slang? What does IMMA mean? IMMA stands for I’m going to. The meaning of IMMA is I’m going to. IMMA is a slang word or term. Find out and search Slang Words and Slang Words Meanings. Get a list of Slangs words of everyday life use.

What does IMMA

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